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Runway’s new Bangalore office

Runway is thrilled to officially open our new office in Bangalore, India. Since 2016, we have been investing in software development and production in India, recognizing the country's strong education system and focus on technology sectors, which provide a deep pool of talented individuals.

Our team in India not only improves efficiency and scale, but also allows for extended operating hours of 15 hours per day. In 2019, we established a software development, sales and support team in the USA and recently expanded to include Eastern Europe, enabling round-the-clock software development and 24/7 support 7 days a week.

Starting with a team of six engineers, we have grown to over 30 staff, including QA, production, back-end and front-end development. Our commitment to strong local management, perseverance and a focus on long-term skills development has been key to our success in India. This new campus will support our team's growth into the future.

“We are excited to celebrate this new chapter with the opening of our modern new campus, which provides an environment for our teams to learn, collaborate and flourish. Runway also offers a graduate program and we are proud to have had an employee from the Bangalore team win the 2022 Employee of the Year award.” said Rowan Kelly, Founder.

As we roll out our new product, Runway 7, we see significant potential for sales in the Indian market. India's rapid urbanization supports a growing housing market, with an expected increase in demand for residential developments such as standalone homes, apartments, villas and townhouses. For example, Bangalore's population grew from 4.3 million in 1991 to 12.4 million in 2022.

There is a big bright future for Runway India.


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