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Runway 7 Officially Launched in March 2023 with Impressive Success, Onboarding 4 New Clients.

Runway excited to be onboarding new Runway 7 Clients
Runway excited to be onboarding new Runway 7 Clients.

In mid-March 2023, Runway Proptech officially introduced its latest platform, Runway 7, to the market, earning praise from industry professionals. Since the launch, we're proud to be onboarding four new clients eager to take advantage of the platform's depth and range of applications.

The Takedown app has been applauded for its focus on the lot selection process and takedown financial management. This app streamlines tasks like fee calculations, escalation of earnest money, and comprehensive reporting, making it an essential tool for land developers.

Runway 7's Land app offers advanced mapping capabilities, full life cycle inventory, and financial and content management. Clients have been impressed with their level of detail, control, and reusability over their land assets, resulting in improved efficiency and decision-making.

The Kiosk app is another noteworthy addition to the platform, providing homebuyers with an interactive and engaging experience. This app allows clients to showcase their properties, floor plans, and community amenities intuitively and visually appealingly, driving interest and sales.

Another standout feature of Runway 7 is the Runway ARC app, our award-winning application that has garnered attention for its top-notch features, streamlining the approval process for builders and developers alike.

A driving force in the success of all apps is the ability for clients to self-service and manage the configuration, content, and functionality of the apps themselves, supported by the new Video Help app. This empowers users to quickly learn the ins and outs of each application, ensuring they make the most of the platform's capabilities.

We want to thank our R&D client partners for their invaluable input and our dedicated team for their hard work in making Runway 7 a success. We look forward to continued growth and innovation in the proptech industry.


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