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Runway 7 Kiosk: Customization, Exceptional Features, and Self-Service at an Unbeatable Price

Runway Kiosk's self-service configuration panel.
Runway Kiosk's self-service configuration panel.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Runway 7 Kiosk, starting at just $250 per month. This innovative solution, designed for home developers and builders, offers an impressive array of customizable features, including lot inventory, home and land matching, model homes, amenities maps, videos, and galleries. Builders get their own Kiosk too!

What sets Runway Kiosk apart is its self-service capabilities, enabling your staff to customize and deploy the platform in minutes, ensuring your kiosk always displays the most current information.

Key features of Runway 7 Kiosk include:

  1. Tailor the Appearance: Match your community's branding with various colors, fonts, and themes to create a seamless visual experience.

  2. Feature Selection: Customize the interface for homebuyers by choosing the features that best suit your community's needs, providing a streamlined user experience.

  3. Builder Branding: Allow builder partners to personalize their kiosk sections, highlighting their unique brand identity and offerings.

  4. Lot available color: Control the color of the lots statuses, such as available, model homes, move in ready homes and sold.

  5. Points of Interest: Enhance your community map by adding local attractions and essential services, creating a more engaging and informative experience for homebuyers.

  6. Videos and Image Galleries: Showcase the best of your community with captivating videos and stunning images, highlighting amenities and key selling points.

  7. Home and Lot Inventory Management: Keep homebuyers informed with up-to-date home and lot inventory, managed effortlessly through the kiosk platform.

  8. Deployment Simplicity: Update and deploy changes in minutes, ensuring your kiosk always displays the most current information.

The Runway 7 Kiosk provides a modern and efficient solution for developers and builders while creating an enjoyable and convenient experience for homebuyers. Embrace the power of customization and self-service with Runway 7 Kiosk, and witness the benefits for your community. Discover more about this incredible platform by following this link.


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