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New Runway 7 website.

Welcome to our new Runway website dedicated to our new R7 platform and apps - New platform, New apps, New website​!

Learn more about Runway 7 at our new website
Runway 7's new website

Runway has been developing proptech solutions since 1997. Working with Builders and Developers, we deliver cutting-edge productivity, sales, and marketing apps. We released our first web-based version of Runway in 1999! Since then, we have released seven complete rebuilds of Runway. We started Runway 7 in 2019 to incorporate innovation we’d identified as specific to the US market.

Runway 7 uses totally new front-end technologies and offers a harmonized user interface with quick access to toggle between apps. It's a true app-based platform, with specific apps being developed to suit a specific group of functions and roles. All apps have been redeveloped. However, we're releasing four totally new apps on the platform, with more to come over the next 12 months:

Runway Takedown

Runway Takedown digitizes and automates the manual and time-consuming function of administering builder lot contracts, term sheets, and take-down schedules.

Runway ARC

Runway ARC takes architectural and individual lot submissions to a whole new level.

Runway Land

Runway Land digitizes every aspect of your community, from configuring interactive maps to community details and assets like videos, images, and lot inventory.

Runway Video Knowledge Center

Video offers a much better way to access training material than the traditional PDF format. After all, when you need a ‘how to’ do you look for a user manual or a YouTube video?

There are no upgrades required. R6 users can access R7 and all their data.

If you'd like a demonstration of Runway 7, please register your details in the contact us section of this website or use chat to arrange a meeting.


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