Load properties once,
use everywhere

Runway is the ready-to-go cloud solution for loading,
managing and distributing Property Products and
related marketing assets.

• Land
• Homes
• House and Land
• Real Estate
• Buildings
• Apartments
• Retirement


Runway Properties offers our unique productivity multiplier benefit. From it’s central depository your properties and related assets can be used across all sales and marketing media, without manual importing or reloading.

  Publish Everywhere

MCP, plan of sub, engineering
drawing, contracts, with
version control.

  Regional Pricing

Runway regional pricing structure
allows for home designs to
carry a different price for each
region. These prices automatically
feed into house and land
packaging, so based on the
region, the package pulls the right

  Images & Video

The central repository for all your marketing assets. From facades,
releases, projects, videos and photo
galleries. Ready to publish to your website, PDFs and property portals.


Runway Property Manager includes all the key dates relating to property such as Available, Deposit, Contract, Title, Settlement.


Runway offers the industry
standard for dimensions for all
property types.


Map your physical locations in
the structure that mirrors your
business. Allocate staff work
hours, display locations and
available properties to sell.

Product selector

Runway’s Product selector is your window into your properties and assets. Used in packaging, customer short-listing or quoting, you can view all your homes, house and land packages, lots and apartments in seconds.


Runway’s innovative method for managing Discounts, Rebates, Inclusions, and Promotions.

DRIP management allows your business to overlay costs and graphics on existing Property products relating to Discounts, Rebates, Inclusions and Promotions. DRIPs provide the flexibility for your Property business to rapidly respond to market conditions and opportunities, without the associated administration costs and delays.

  • Automatically recalculate prices on selected products between certain date ranges
  • Rapidly change prices on thousands of existing products at zero cost, without the need to recreate products from scratch
  • Insert related graphic panels and automatically change prices on Website, Email and PDF outputs for the duration of the DRIP period
  • Automatically update prices on Property portals such as Domain, REA,
  • Provide Sales Consultants a selection of promotional options in Runway quotes.

Covenant Rules and Costs

Runway allows for any type of covenant rule or cost to be built into a library and applied to an entire estate, a lot or apartment.

Covenant rule libraries are used when matching lots and with home plans for siting and house and land packaging. Our method has been proven 100% accurate over millions of matches.

VPB Integration

Integration with external Variation Price Books with internal price book management tool.

Import your Variation Price book and manage it in Runway or use our VPB price book webservice to periodically import data from other systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.Runway Variation Price book can be:

  • Used in the Runway quote app to add options to order jobs and fixed price House and Land products
  • VPB items can be filtered by Display and Design
  • Exported back with other quote items into SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.


Our locations provides clients the ability to structure their physical assets and staff attendance. For example a developer can create locations details displays, enter the staff details, what time they are working prospects to follow up. Locations can be configured to receive website leads directly to a sales consultants phone.

For a home builder, they may structure their location by region or brand, then display locations or offices within those regions.

These locations automatically feed into reporting. For example a Sales Manager can view the performance of a region against other regions, or compare lead conversion against walk through traffic.

The integrated cloud platform for Builders and Developers.

Runway is the totally integrated sales and marketing cloud platform designed specifically
for Home Builders and Developers.

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