Real-time deep Intelligence

Embedded into all areas of Runway is our Business Intelligence tool with preloaded property focused dashboards. We’ve crafted dashboards that provide your team the insight to make data-driven, effective business decisions.

Runway property dashboards are pre-configured with drill-through filters. Featuring our unique performance extrapolation, we give you the tools to forecast KPIs and analyse trends based on live data.


Business Intelligence Reporting

Preconfigured dashboards for developers and home builders

If you’ve had any exposure to the implementation of a BI tool in the past, you’ll most likely recall that it was challenging, time consuming and expensive. That’s primarily because you’d have to install and configure the BI tool – the data and dashboards – from scratch.

Runway offers a faster and more cost effective approach. That’s because we’ve done all the hard work for you – connecting the data and configuring the reports and dashboards that Home Builders and Land Developers actually need to identify trends, opportunities and problems.

For only $100 per month per license, you’ll get the Yellowfin BI tool, plus all the reports and dashboards pre-configured for your Property business, fully installed in your Runway.

Better still, Yellowfin is very easy to learn and use, so you can create new reports unique to your business questions. Runway Support can provide the training or can configure other reports on your behalf.

Key features of Runway’s Yellowfin BI tool

  • Report on live data
  • Pre-configured to access Runway data
  • Property specific dashboards
  • Drill Down & Drill Through reports
  • Interactive dashboard reports
  • Layered filters, with the ability to slice data by any variable
  • Multi chart – Ability to present multiple charts from the one data set
  • Conversation and report subscription
  • Report distribution – Automated Broadcast and conditional report sharing
  • Ability to snapshot the data
  • Geomapping of Contacts and Products
  • CSV data imports for cross reporting
  • Data clustering


Runway now comes standard with comprehensive and insightful BI dashboards that cover:

  • Sales performance
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Customer and commission payments
  • Land developer performance
  • House and Land performance

Runway property dashboards are pre-configured with drill-through filters, and feature our unique performance extrapolation; where you can forecast KPIs and analyse trends based on real data happening in your business now.

Marketing dashboards

  • Create prospect/customer segments from a mix of Runway data across different modules including sales, products, customer status, activities and profile data
  • Compare email campaign performance against previous campaigns
  • Set campaign targets and report ROI
  • Review enquiry volumes and source over time by predefined customer segments. e.g. first home buyer enquires for each region, by month
  • Take static snapshots of your prospect status over time for time series comparison
  • Compare your prospects against Census data

Sales dashboards

  • Import sales targets by sales consultant, brand or region from MS Excel to compare existing Runway data including deposits or activities
  • Analyse sales consultant note activity over time
  • Get a forward view of demand by analysis of all quotes, not just sales
  • Track gross and net deposits over time
  • Review conversion rates by region, sales consultant or brand
  • View cancellation trends by sales consultant, region or brand
  • View trends in brands, ranges, plans, regions or lot sizes
  • Interrogate lost opportunities over time to identify trends
  • Slice sales data by profile data. e.g. show all deposits in the west region of single story dwellings by age bracket
  • Compare walk-through statistics by any other metric, including new leads entered
  • Convert data instantly into Google heat maps


House and Land performance

  • Analyse your lots or packages by any product dimension
  • View land sales percentage by developer
  • Create house and land package segments and refine stocklists based on segments results
  • View trends in house and land sales by price bracket, lot frontage or buyer type
  • View package volumes and sales by developer
  • Provide real-time, secure online developer performance dashboards

Design your own dashboards
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them with you. Contact our
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business solutions today.

The integrated cloud platform for builders and developers.

Runway is the totally integrated sales and marketing cloud platform designed specifically
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