Runway’s proven integration to 3rd party applications provide core functionality in areas outside Runway’s domain.

We offer a hands on integration team available to work with your technical staff to ensure seamless integration success.



  Property portal XML gateway

Our property portal XML gateway is tailored to suit each portals unique rules. New properties and updates are refreshed every few minutes to ensure your properties are always in sync.


We provide a proven method for third parties to access key Runway data, typically used by design agencies to source property data and related assets. We offer extensive documentation and on site support to ensure smooth and cost effective integration.


Integration on all new software apps using our new S2 framework feature SOAP messaging protocol. SOAP is the fast, secure, industry standard for third party integration. It also allows for extensive customisation.

Integration partners

The integrated cloud platform for Builders and Developers.

Runway is the totally integrated sales and marketing cloud platform designed specifically
for Home Builders and Developers.

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