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Runway’s CRM has been developed to cater to the unique Australian market – designed and built from the ground up selling homes, land, packages and apartments. It’s the most refined and proven CRM for your industry.


crm features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Tailored sales process management
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Multiple sales opportunities for the same contacts and companies
  • Integrated property selector
  • Status Alerts to ensure no lead is lost
  • SMS and branded emails
  • Google maps integration from Home, Lot and Estate
  • Shortlisted property display
  • Quick notes and reminders
  • Status converter that automatically updates the property status when a contact status is reached

The power of integration.

When a property is sold via the Runway quote app or contracts administration, it’s automatically withdrawn from every Sales and Marketing touchpoint. From your website, property portal, Pipeline and from Runway property selector. If the sale falls over, the property is automatically flicked back on. It just works.

Integrated to Runway’s quote app

Runway’s quote app has been designed specifically for Home Builders and Developers. When configured, sales consultants can create quotes in minutes.

The quote app is easy to configure and includes:

  • Property product selector to access all property types
  • Masterplan selector
  • Multiple purchasing parties
  • VPB integration and selector
  • Options
  • Colours
  • Siting
  • DRIP selector
  • Facade selector
  • Quote summary
  • Workflow stages
  • PDF and email output.
  • Integration with SAP, Dynamics, Framework

Product selector integrated with contacts

Runway properties come tightly integrated with Runway CRM. Sales Consultants can select available properties or new builds on an ipad or big screen with potential buyers.

  • Shortlist any type of property against a contact.
  • Select properties from Masterplan or Stacking plan
  • Launch a quote from any shortlisted property or Runway’s siting app.
  • View related image library.
  • Send product email.
  • Print PDF brochure.

Runway Mobile

Runway Mobile has been built specifically for the Australian Property industry to sell Homes, House and Land packages, Land and Apartments.

In developing Runway Mobile, we have distilled the past 10 years of your feedback to create the easiest-to-use mobile app for Sales Consultants and Managers.

Using any smartphone:

  • Quickly find customers and add prospects
  • Access all your existing Runway property products
  • Launch Runway Property Quote builder
  • Rapid activity logging for Sales Reps, like walkthrough traffic
  • Call or SMS directly from a contact
  • Calendar integration via Exchange

Multi-group throughout products and contacts

Multi-group is Runway’s unique permissions system that can be configured to control visibility of property types, regions or brands, and the Sales Consultant who represent those properties and the prospects status.

    • Restrict Sales Consultants to specific brands or regions
    • Multiple Customer statuses for different property types
    • Multiple brand opt-out – customer     can self select which communications they want to opt out of.


When a Sales Consultants leaves, Runway’s handover function allows you to allocate a portion or all of the leads to another consultant.

  • Immediate service cut-off for sales consultants for Runway desktop and mobile so no leads ever leave the company.

Call centre functionality built in

  • Outbound and inbound call centre campaigns are integrated with Runway CRM.
  • Multi-communicator campaign call queues for outbound campaigns.
  • Integrated campaign reporting.

Locations and Brands

  • Structure your business the way it works in real life. For example
    • By Brands
    • By Regions
    • By Estates
  • Centrally store display or office location and staff details for each site
  • Configure the distribution of leads via round robin to Sales Consultants based on geographical location of property type.

Runway’s New PDF engine

Our PDF engine offers the quickest, most cost effective solution for configuring and loading pixel perfect Property based dynamic PDF templates.

  • Just 2 hours to load a Dynamic PDF template
  • Every Estate window card PDF in Australia
  • Best resolution and high resolution option
  • Offline bulk rendering with email notification

B2B relationships

  • Store you B2B companies and their employees
  • All your property partnerships and communication history in Runway CRM
  • Integrated with Pipeline property partner website
  • Integrated with Runway Property Manager

Integrated digital marketing and zero cost unlimited email marketing.

  • Simple or advance campaigns
  • Upload HTML email templates and configure in minutes
  • Unlimited campaigns and email sending
  • Zero cost for Runway users.

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Contract Admin built-in

Fully integrated with Contract Administration function: Includes:

  • Pre formatted contracts, receipts and letters
  • Automated payment reminders by email
  • Financial dashboard
  • Full Sales Agent contacts admin including solicitor disbursement and trust accounting.

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Website integration

  • Website enquiry form integration
  • Auto dedupe with existing customers in Runway CRM
  • Email notification of new leads to specific available staff members

The best 3rd party apps, preconfigured, proven and effective

  • Blix – Display traffic technology
  • Eloqua – Social Media integration
  • Yellowfin  – Business Intelligence – Property dashboards, ready-to-go



The integrated cloud platform for Builders and Developers.

Runway is the totally integrated sales and marketing cloud platform designed specifically
for Home Builders and Developers.

To see how Runway CRM fits into the big picture, download our brochure.

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