A giant step in office automation


Runway Contracts has been
proven to eliminate unnecessary
paperwork and duplicate entry
of data, while delivering a live
real time picture of sales
performance. Runway contracts
can reduce contracts administration
costs by up to 60%.


Runway uses a unique template technology that eliminates the need for manual entry in the contracts administration process. The initial deposit triggers everything…

  • Sales personnel
  • Solicitor details
  • Contract documentation
  • Financials
  • Milestones and statuses
  • Disbursements
  • Settlements
  • Commissions
  • Trust accounting

All these functions are tightly integrated into the Runway contracts administration dashboard. Using our deadline driven dashboard, you can administer on a single contract basis or multiple contracts.

  • Follow up final payments via bulk email
  • Disburse payments to solicitors in bulk
  • Settle off an entire stage in seconds


Lot financials

Runway’s unique property contract template system allows the contracts administrator to build a common set of pre established financial schedules and apply them to entire region or developer, all the way down to a particular apartment or lot.

When a deposit is taken the Runway contracts template is automatically stamped against the lot and all the financials and deadlines are initiated.

The contracts administrator is sent a notification as soon as a deposit is taken and can view live financials against each property.

It’s so fast and easy.

Deadline dates

When a deposit is taken, the entire contracts administration schedule kicks in. This includes customer payment milestones, payment reminders, disbursement and settlements dates. You can always override the schedule and if a sale is cancelled, the deadlines are automatically reset.


Runway bulk disbursement function is integrated with our trust accounting software, designed to eliminate double entry and unnecessary transactions between selling agents and developer solicitors.

Payments & receipts

Sales consultants using Runway CRM can take customer deposit payments and print receipts at the display centre. Runway’s payment and receipts dashboard provides a live real-time view of payments being processed and upcoming payments due. No more waiting on the physical contracts to arrive and be entered manually!

PDF letters

Runway offers a suite of standard letters used throughout the contracts administration process. From receipts to disbursement and cancellations, all templates can be tailored to suit your company’s specific needs.

Trust Accounting

Trust Accounting

Runway trust accounting is fully integrated with contracts administration and can automatically reconcile against your bank statement.

Commission reports

Underpinning Runway Contracts is our BI software that offers preloaded dashboards providing administrators and managers with real-time view on sales, payments, commissions and reimbursements, viewable by date, region, developer or any other matrix.

What our clients say about Runway

With Runway Contracts,
I get my sales reports as they are
happening, not days later after the
paperwork hits the office.

One person can now
do what three people did before.

The financial automation of
Runway Contracts is truly amazing.
Each contract with all of it’s financials,
deadlines and documents are
triggered instantly. Before Runway,
it would take one hour of
admin time per contract.

The integrated cloud platform for Builders and Developers.

Runway is the totally integrated sales and marketing cloud platform designed specifically
for Home Builders and Developers.

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