Pipeline 3 has arrived

  • New website property API

  • Portal Publishing to the major property portals

  • Lead generation dashboard

  • Gateway to PDF, masterplan and siting tools

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What is Pipeline?

Pipeline is the industry portal to securely share properties and related marketing assets between Developers,
Home Builders and Selling Agents.

Pipeline eliminates the manual process of uploading and emailing your properties and assets, saving time and ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

  • Developers share their properties with industry partners
  • Home Builders create House & Land packages from Developer’s land
  • Project Marketers publish, package, sell properties
  • Sales Agents sell properties
  • Sales and property updates are synchronised in real time between you and your partners’ Runways.

Pipeline features everything that
Developers, Builders and Selling Agents
need to work together.

Universal dimension translation

Translates your unique property dimensions into your partner’s unique dimensions.

Property Partner Agreement

Simple, secure, online agreement between property partners that controls functionality and content.

The latest documents and plans

Plan of subdivision, covenants, contracts and any other document.

Image resource centre

Access to logos, facades, photos, diagrams.

Notification Centre

New properties are released, updated or sold. Pre-configured dashboards for Developers, Builders and Sales Agents.

House & Land packages

All your Runway dollar-perfect House and Land packages automatically loaded. Includes covenant rules and DRIPs – Discounts, Rebates, Incentives and Promotions.

Register Sales

Enter purchaser details, take deposits and generate receipts.

Engineering grade property data

Property details, dates, location and dimensions.

Dynamic Plans

Fully integrated dynamic Masterplans and Stacking plans.


Launch Runway’s Siting Tool on any lot in Pipeline.

PDF window cards and brochures on tap

Every Estate Window Card PDF brochure in Australia.

As part of the Pipeline service, we will load and configure window card PDFs for EVERY estate nation-wide where a Developer, or Builder supplies a PDF template.

So House and Land packages created in a Builder’s Runway are available automatically in Pipeline to print an up-to-date, pixel perfect, Developer approved, Estate branded window card PDF… from any location.



No more manual importing, exporting, importing…

Pipeline comes pre-configured with Runway, so when a new property is loaded or sold in Runway, it’s automatically changed in Pipeline, your website and every property portal.

Pipeline features Runway Sync that connects contacts in a Project Marketer’s Runway CRM with a Developer’s Runway CRM, removing the need to enter customer details in two systems.

Benefits for Developers, Project Marketers and Sales Agents

  • Never have to compile and email property lists and marketing assets again
  • Your property lists are always up-to-date
  • If you have Runway, you can sync properties directly to Pipeline, eliminating any double entry of property stock
  • Share specific properties with selling agents who can place a property on hold and enter purchaser details
  • All your property PDF window cards and brochures are available in Pipeline as part of the service.

Benefits for Home Builders

  • One central location to access up-to-date developer lots, plans, logos, images and documents
  • Your House and Land lists will alway be up-to-date
  • Import Land lists from Pipeline directly into your Runway in minutes
  • Your value-added Land data stays with you
  • All House and Land PDF window cards and brochures are available in your design or the Developer’s
  • Publish your House and Land packages to any third party Selling Agent – perfect for selling to investors
  • When a lot is sold that you have packaged on, you are notified in real time. Plus, you can select that all your House and Land packages on that lot are automatically turned off.

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