Automatic Siting plans for evert new package

Runway’s House and Land software now generates automatic Siting plans.

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We’ve merged the power of Runway’s mass House and Land Packaging function with Runway’s Siting app. Create a single package or 5,000 packages and our new siting engine automatically generates a Siting plan for every package.

Your Sales Consultants can simply launch Runway Siting directly from any House and Land package.

You can display the Siting plan everywhere:

  • House and Land PDF flyer
  • Developer PDF flyer
  • Capsule website
  • API to website
  • Publish to REA or Domain
  • Runway Quote

Automatic Siting for packages

Our new Siting API opens up even more possibilities.

Now third parties can access Siting plans without the need of Runway’s siting software. This means a Developer or Sales Agent can access and modify an existing House and Land Package Siting plan at zero cost.

This new feature is available now and is free for Runway Siting clients.

Call us on 1800 779 964 to book a demonstration.