S2 Framework

S2 is our new cloud enterprise property platform, designed from the ground up to support Runway and Pipeline as well as interface with other key applications in the home builder and property development industry. S2 offers our clients an enterprise strength IT backbone from which to grow their business.

S2 features:

  • New database scheme that offers unlimited configuration to match each clients’ unique business structural requirements.
  • Home builders and developers can build and easily plug in their own web apps such as websites, customer portals, unique workflows and calculations.
  • Stability and performance, with zero upgrade downtime and massive improvement of software performance.
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure featuring performance responsiveness that increases server capacity to manage higher loads.
  • Flexible SOAP import capability allowing easy connectivity to other property applications such as AutoCAD, SAP and Dynamics.
  • Fully responsive user interface for every screen on any device.
  • Web optimised for fast operation on lower speed internet links and mobile devices.
  • Standard integration with Google apps, MS Office, Basecamp, Jira, Blix, SAP, MS Dynamics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.