About Switched-on Group

Established in 1997, Switched-on Group is a privately owned Australian company based in Melbourne, Australia. Switched-on Group are the leading software solutions provider for the Australian home builder and property development sector. Software brands include Runway, Pipeline and Success.


  • To continuously drive productivity gains for home builders and developers.
  • To analyse every step in every sales and marketing process and strip away inefficiency and waste.
  • We want the companies we work with to be fast, efficient with great customer and industry relationships.

We LISTEN to our property clients.

We ENGAGE our property clients.

We LOVE property software.

Companies who use Runway benefit from an ongoing reinvestment into the latest technology and innovations, specifically for the Property industry. We want the companies we work with to SUCCEED.

Switched-on Group invest over $2 million per annum in Research & Development. The next few years will see the release of totally new versions of Runway and Pipeline along side innovative new software categories.

Today, Switched-on Group works with a majority of the largest builders and developers in Australia. For more information on how Runway’s extensive software solutions will integrate with your business, email customerservice@runway.com.au or speak to our Sales team on (03) 9046 8722